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Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?” hosted by Mark Galvin, Founder and President of ePresence.  (

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We talk digital marketing including social media, SEO optimization, Google ranking, analytics, online advertising, key words, email blasts with fresh news and cool guests!

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Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?” on Business RadioX.  This show is produced by ePresence and I am Mark Galvin, the founder and President of that firm.  We would normally be coming to you live from the Subaru of Gwinnett studio inside the Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta hotel—but today, we are NOT!  This show is a remote recording as we all continue to adjust to COVID-19! 

Welcome to the show where we talk about business and social media.  Thanks for joining us. 

This show is brought to you by the social media management firm ePresence.  The firm that manages social media for both companies and individuals. 

Today’s News Tease:

  • B.B. warns of stimulus check scams on social media
  • Even more social media scams
  • Now stream Instagram Live videos from laptop

Today’s guest is Rachel Simon with Connect the Dots Digital

Rachel Simon has nearly 20 years of experience helping clients to build and leverage their community and network to meet their goals. She launched the formal social media strategy for a large nonprofit agency growing their following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When transitioning into a freelance role, she developed a passion and expertise for LinkedIn and started my company, Connect the Dots Digital with that singular focus. In working with clients, Rachel observed that very few were connected to the right targets on LinkedIn nor were they showcasing their expertise in a strategic way. She guides professionals on using the power of LinkedIn to build meaningful relationships, develop thought leadership and how to use its features to achieve real business goals.

Twitter:  @raksimon





Listener questions:

  1. ( Mr. David Mignano, Revenue Manager from Pyramid Hotel Group)..... ASKED: Why is the “about” section so important and what’s the best way to present it to stand out?
  2. (Marchell Arcelay, Enterprise Business Developer with Republic Services) ASKED: How can I get as many characters as you have in your headline on LinkedIn?




Mark Galvin


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