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Dec 24, 2019

WARNING!  Holiday Scam Alert!

During the Holidays over 1/3 of Christmas presents and gifts are bought on a Phone!

So it's not surprising that more and more crooks are getting on social media accounts to steal your money.

Here's their method:

A familiar commerce account on Instagram randomly tags you as the winner of a giveaway

Then they'll send you a direct message asking for

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • The handle to your virtual cache app period this can be Venmo or literally your cash app.

Once they have this information, they'll try to pull money from your Cash or Venmo app.

How to avoid this?

Look at the handle of the account that's telling you that you won something.

Does it look legit?

Maybe it looks a little off…?

Verify that it's the correct handle by going to the website of the account it represents.

On the website you can find the handle for social media that they use.

Use those handles to verify it's the correct one.


CBS new York’s Charlie Cooper contributed to this story


The US Navy banned tick tock from government issued smartphones over cyber security concerns

This topic is back! We discussed this last month on our NEWS UPDATE.

The US Navy thinks TikTok is a threat to national security.

Last Wednesday the Navy sent out an alert on Facebook urging military personnel and staff to delete the app if they've downloaded it on government issued smartphones and tablets. They also said do not download the app on government supplied devices.

We do not have specific information from the government on why they believe this is a threat.  But we know the app is owned by Beijing based ByteDance.

It boasts more than 110M downloads in the US.

In October Senator’s Charles Schumer and Tom Cotton requested that intelligence agencies investigate whether TikTok is a threat to national security.

Then in November the government opened a national security review of, the American company that became TikTok after ByteDance bought it.

USA Today's Dalvin Brown contributed to this story


SEOs Are in High Demand, According to LinkedIn’s Data

SEOs Are in High Demand, According to LinkedIn’s Data

A study published by LinkedIn shows the demand for SEO professionals in increasing, creating a “seller’s market.”

Data suggests that a significant number of SEO professionals (10.5k) are relatively new to the field with 1 to 5 years of experience. There are around 4k SEOs with 6-10 years of experience, and 3k with 10+ years of experience.

This is where the data gets especially interesting, as 12k of current SEO job openings are looking for someone with mid-senior level experience and above. Assuming an SEO with at least 3-years of experience meets the qualification of being mid-senior level, then there are 12.5k qualified professionals on LinkedIn.

That’s almost a ratio of 1:1, which makes this a “seller’s market” for SEOs, according to the author of this study.

“In short if you are looking for an SEO role and have experience, this is a sellers’ market. Know who your competition might and definitely don’t underprice yourself.”

Companies who are looking to hire SEOs should prepare for some competition when it comes to recruiting talent, as there are now more workplaces in the US market that have the same role to fill.

By: Matt Southern




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