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How's Your ePresence?

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Nov 6, 2019

"How's your ePresence?" has officially launched a new segment called "NEWS & UPDATES".  This show is the first of the kind and the goal is to give you quick info and news about social media. These shows are naturally shorter and Mark Galvin is joined by Eric Welch, Director of Social Media, to talk about the hottest topics going on in the world of SM.  This week, Mark and Eric talk about some basic terms that may seem to be misunderstood by most business people.  They are Engagement and Impressions.  What do each of these terms mean and what do the metrics of each tell you about social media performance? Finally, have you ever been "ratioed"?  Take a listen and find out...

Welcome to how's your ePresence. This show was produced by ePresence and I am Mark Galvin, the founder and CEO of that firm. We are coming to you live from uh remote locations, yes, this is an additional podcast that we are launching today. And the goal here is to share good quality information in between our larger Business Radio X shows because, let's be honest, there's so much that goes on out there in the social media world we can't hit it every single time when we're doing one or 2 podcasts a month, so the mission is now to share smaller snippets so if this is in your feed don't be alarmed as they were showing up a little more frequently than normal. Our goal is our mission is to drop a podcast once a week, so every once in awhile you'll see our 30 minute podcasts. And then you'll catch a few of these in there in between, which will be on 10 / 15 minutes so. Welcome to how's your ePpresence so this is a show designed to help business people do social media better so we're going to try to share constantly share great quality content that will help you do social media little better senses and allow you to get a little better ROI from your social media. So why are we here today? What's the big urgent news that we want to share with you well? Here's what's going on. I need to introduce you to someone. This is important. We have if you've been listening to? The feed you'll heard from the last couple of shows. He the last one or the one before that. Where I introduced you to Eric Welch; Eric I know you're there say hello. Hi Mark, So Eric Welcome Eric You are joining ePresence and as the as the director of social media.


And you and I are both sitting in the same city, but sitting in front of computers. And I appreciate you finding time to join us today. So here's what you and I we were in a meeting this morning and we were talking about. Social media posting an we had a group of 20 people. We were chatting with and one of the things that came up in this conversation was a question. About the difference. Between impressions an engagement. And you have a long background with with media firm Fox Sports. Tell me what does that mean to. To you what's the difference between engagement and impressions. The biggest difference to me and I put more weight with engagement than I do impressions, although impressions are important still. But engagement basically means that the person who is following you sees your content and. Reacts to it, and does something with it whether it's sharing it or re posting or commenting or. Liking it or just having some sort of action. To your post an impression, so hold on a quick before you move on. Sony engagement means. I've seen something that shows up on my social media feed. This is linked in this is Facebook Instagram you name it. And I engage with it, so I'm doing something with that post because I'm jazzed about it or it is. Kind of created some sort of energy with me which makes me want to say something is that right. Exactly OK good in an impressions what's that impression is just that, your post was seen by someone an using? Twitter as an example if you're on your phone and you're scrolling through Twitter. Every tweet that you pass is getting an impression because. Technically, you've seen it, you don't have to do anything with it. You've seen it that kind of clicks off as


an impression. So this is important. I would think I would think that impression on Twitter is a lot less valuable than a than an impression on LinkedIn would you agree? Yes, why. In my opinion, it's because. The way Twitter set up you just scroll through an? There's so many tweets out there, it's not being absorbed LinkedIn William right? How many people are saying stuff. I mean, Twitter is this rapid fire, which is so cool is what makes Twitter great. But in a personal Twitter sort of like Jan versus LinkedIn. If I've got 300 connections that impression could be valuable. Right because the content is usually a little more. I don't know thoughtful is the right word. But there's. People aren't just posting on linked in a couple of words or quick sentence or anything. There's usually more to it. So to get an impression someone's going to pay more attention to it alright so it Fox Sports. Why is why is this important to you guys when you were there? Because the goal there an I would think with most companies is you want to engage with the consumer. And you want to have content that's compelling an connects with the viewer or your customer or whoever it is. So that's why I put more weight with engagement because well it's great to be seen by a lot of people. You want to make the connection with them. So there's a lot of the biggest challenge was social media. I think in general is creating good content. That is engaging and I guess that's where that word comes from right. It's engaging because my audience if I'm serving great content. Wants to interact with it, it's always a struggle is there if I'm a business guy trying to figure out how I'm pushing out my content to some people and I want people to engage it. What can I do? What do you do at Fox Sports to make? Something engaged with people more often. Well, as far as we would we had various


regions and cities that we were. In. But not only Atlanta but also Nashville Raleigh, Memphis, Charlotte. For some of the big ones so we immersed ourselves in each of those cities to fully understand what connects with those fans of the teams there. So there's there's something important here and I'm going to pause you. Not that I could actually pause you on the screen, but I'm not good. So what you're saying is you got to go into you went to those desk those different cities you understood the. Audience and you spoke directly to those audience members in that made them engage is that right, Yep that's exactly right because it will. Keep going. What connects basketball fan in Charlotte is different than what connects basketball fan in Memphis? And I would think the same would go across all genres and in parts of life where what connects with. Um. Attack company isn't going to be what connects with the restaurant. Audience so this is this is a basic but it's so important to reinforce and that is that number one. You can't speak to everybody. Right so Fox Sports you're not interested in engaging someone that's looking for business news for business posts right you're focused on. The people that want to see like in Atlanta. The Hawks if you're working on the Hawks. You're trying to engage the people that are interested in Hawks content. And then say something to them share some content that you know that they would want to respond to. I can't help but think there's an example. There's there was a guy that played for the Cleveland Browns. Who was called out by his the fans 'cause they didn't think he played well. And he said some things that were not very nice back. And I saw this post come up in my my


sports feed and I did engage with it. I was like Oh my goodness. This is so interesting you know. Where in and so I I am interested in commenting and engaging on this because it was interesting that's kind of what you're talking about. But it's Norman that's national but if I was in if I was this happened with somebody from the Atlanta Falcons. 'cause we're here in Atlanta. I would probably be more apt to say. I think this is interesting and hit a check mark on it say I like it. Because it's engaging to me. The guy that sits in I'll tell you what, nobody nobody cares about the Falcons in Denver and so. Denver fans are not going to go on there make a comment so you understand your audience focus on them and share content that's easy. On sports it's easy right now, it's a breeze, but in business. It's hard, it's a little harder to. Had a nuanced that out, so we wanted to share this with you because this is this type of information is so important. It is it's important to understand engagement, and impressions. You also should know that engagement drives impressions. So if you have people liking a post especially on LinkedIn 'cause. Organic reach on LinkedIn is fantastic if you don't know what advantage organic reaches go back and listen to podcasts. 3 times episodes ago we talk about that. But the organic reach is very strong on LinkedIn so if somebody likes your post. Or comments on it, you're going to reach a lot more people, You'll get more impressions, so is it. Typical Eric for Oregon, the impressions in the engagement numbers to go up it in a parallel format or. Can you see one spike without the other? Yeah, you can see impressions go up without engagement going up again kind of going back to the Twitter. Thing if A lot of people are seeing it but they're not reacting to it. Interesting your engagement is not going up, but your impressions are right. And what if someone gets a lot of. Is


there something you said that you can get a lot of comments but no engagement explained that yeah? That's Twitter world that's getting ratioed. Which means that you are getting your not getting any or many likes or shares but you're getting a lot of comments. So so I don't like it, but I'm going to comment on it 'cause it. Makes me angry exactly so yeah, more times than not if you like something you're going to share it. Or you're going to like it, yeah, yeah, I mean, I didn't want you to see it. Yeah, exactly you want to see that I like something or that I'm sharing it and I want to share it with my followers. But if it's something you disagree with. More times than not you're going to comment and let that person know you don't like it So what they call getting ratioed is. When you have more comments than you do like sand. Um shares so if I'm getting ratioed what should I do. You need to reassess what your Content plan is basically an look at what your messaging is and make some adjustments because it's not it's not working. Yeah, I will tell you if you're in business and you're engaging with an audience an you're sharing content that you're only getting. Negative comments on but you're not getting any likes. That is a huge danger if you have somebody manage in your social media for you and you're getting. And you're getting ratioed. Do you need to you need to find someone else to do that because that is that should never happen? In the business world, it's just doesn't make any sense. That you could say something, so offensive and not realize it ended up getting ratioed so if that's happening. That is a red flag that is a warning that you should immediately react to because


number one, I would delete the post. I get rid of it make sure no one can sees it, an the other thing is make sure all of the other. Social media posts that have that same post of also had it deleted well that is. That's kind of the summary that we wanted to share with you guys today. Eric is there anything else out there. That's In this in this room that we should be addressing.


Uh no not really. I think it's just it's really important for folks to keep an eye on their engagement rate. And look at those numbers and keep an eye on it, and adjust accordingly because again the audience. There tastes can change. You want if you want to keep your message consistent. Man, if things start to turn a little bit and you don't react to it quick enough you gotta be nimble. And if you're not you could you could? Before, you know it, you could find yourself in trouble outstanding. That's good tips. Well, that is or a quick update for this week. So just to remind you, you're listening to how your How's your ePresence sponsored by ePresence and you can find the presence on the web at That's ePresence.ME because it's all about you. And so for our quick update this is Mark Galvin, an on behalf of Eric Welch, thank you so much for joining us. And we will talk to all of you guys very soon.