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Jan 28, 2020

Hello How’s Your ePresence listeners! Welcome to our news update, where we discuss the biggest stories in social media- all in ten minutes. On this episode, we take a more somber note to lament the death of one of basketball’s finest, Kobe Bryant.  

After the legend’s death late Sunday afternoon, every social media outlet was bursting with commentary on the unexpected tragedy. Unfortunately, amidst the millions who posted tokens of love and remembrance, there were several rude internet trolls. We take time on this podcast to discuss social media etiquette and ethics, especially in the wake of big news. Additionally, we take a minute to discuss the rise of Tik-Tok, and how social media is turning to a more talent-focused than status-focused approach. 

 Quote of the podcast: “One of the greatest things about social media is that everyone has a voice and can weigh in with the global community.”  



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Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?”.  I am Mark Galvin, your host and founder of ePresence.   
Here on “How’s your ePresence?’ we talk social media.  Today’s episode is our News Update.  This is our quick, 10-minute, broadcast that hits current events in social media.  As always, joining me for the news update is our Director of Social Media, Eric Welch! 
Welcome Eric 
Remember to rate us on your podcast channel…especially on iTunes and send us your thoughts or feedback to my handle on Twitter, @epresenceMG.  Or use that anywhere else.     Eric, what’s in the news? 
  1. With the very sad news of the passing of Kobe Bryant and 8 other people in a helicopter crash on Sunday, 1/26.  His daughter, Gianna, Orange Coast College (OCC) baseball coach, John Altobelli, his wife, Keri, and daughter, Alyssa, were aboard the helicopter. 
  2. While this was going on…organizations were posting other content that was scheduled.  DO NOT DO THAT.  CANCEL YOUR SCHEDULED POSTS.  Also, if you have an axe to grind that is political or maybe you do not like someone, do not air about your grievances on the day they die on social media.  It is always going to be on social media, and it WILL hurt you in some way.  Either it will ruin a friendship, keep you from getting a future job, or it may get you fired from your current job.  It is bad form.  Remember, social media is about people and the relationships we have with other people.  Sometimes that relationship can turn nasty in chat rooms…but hold your tongue on a day that something horrible has happened.   
    1. TIK-TOK: 
      1. More downloads in 2019 than Instagram  Snapchat founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel predicts that Tik Tok will overtake Instagram as the 2nd most popular.  Why?  It is Talent Focused vs Status Focused   

Eric, we are out of time… 

Remember you find us at, that’s ePresence.ME because it is all about you!  That does it for this show!    ePresence manages personal, company and collegiate social media.   

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Until next time, this is Mark Galvin, we will talk to you soon.