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How's Your ePresence?

"Who made LinkedIn so complicated? How can social media raise my revenue? Will someone help me?"

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“How’s Your ePresence?” hosted by Mark Galvin, Founder and President of ePresence, is all about your questions. We talk about social media #news, #tips, and #hacks with fresh news and cool guests!

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Feb 5, 2020

Hello How’s Your ePresence listeners! The Super Bowl, fake news, and Instagram influencers- all of this and more on this episode of How’s Your ePresence, in just 10 minutes!

We’re running an experiment here at ePresence utilizing LinkedIn advertising. Since Microsoft bought the company in 2016, they have seen double digit growth. We are trying out the ads to see how well they work, and we will keep you updated on our progress right here on the podcast so you can make your own professional decision. Stay tuned.

Next up- as we all know, 2020 is an election year. This means that it is extra important to get a handle on where you get your news from. A new study shows that the majority of Americans get their news from social media- and many of them don’t trust what they see. On this episode, we discuss necessary cautions to take in order to get the most accurate information from your social media.

Question of the podcast: Why would someone continue to get news from a source they don’t trust?



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Today’s episode is our News Update.  This is our quick, 10-minute, broadcast that highlights news in social media that will impact you, the business person trying to leverage social media for an ROI.  As always, joining me for the news update is our Director of Social Media, Eric Welch! 

Welcome Eric 

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Eric, what is on today’s agenda? 

Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 12/2016, they have seen double digit growth in revenue from LinkedIn. 
We are budgeting $ for ads 
Paid partnership ads on Instagram: 
68% of Americans get news from social media including 43% on Facebook. However, about 60% of Americans don’t trust the news they get from Facebook: 

Eric, we are out of time… 

Thanks Eric!   

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