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How's Your ePresence?

"Who made LinkedIn so complicated? How can social media raise my revenue? Will someone help me?"

Yes! Check out this podcast!

“How’s Your ePresence?” hosted by Mark Galvin, Founder and President of ePresence, is all about your questions. We talk about social media #news, #tips, and #hacks with fresh news and cool guests!

Contribute to the dialogue send a direct message, anywhere, using the handle @ePresenceMG. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, & Insta

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Oct 16, 2020

Want to ensure your resume gets see by recruiters and hiring managers?

Career and negotiation strategist Claudia Miller explains how and more on this episode of "How's Your ePresence?" with Mark Galvin.

Claudia helps serious professionals secure dream jobs, with dream salaries, at their dream companies including...

Oct 9, 2020

Join Mark as he discusses some quick ways to communicate better on LinkedIn. In this episode, he reviews LinkedIn Messenger's GIF, voice memo, and video messaging features. Want to use more GIFs on LinkedIn? Mark shares how to find that function, do a search and select the perfect GIF for your connection. He also...

Oct 2, 2020

Calvin Murray

Want to know how to build a smart and professional social media campaign on Canva using video and templates? This episode shares the step by step tips on how to do that. You can look like a professional without hiring one!

Calvin Murray of Egoscue of Atlanta joined us on this episode of "How's Your ePresence?" to...