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Jul 9, 2020

Jesse Paul Smith

Jesse Paul Smith of Worldwide Dance Challenge joined us on this episode of "How's Your ePresence?" 

News in this podcast: 

  • TikTok is banned 

More on our guest Jesse Paul Smith: 

Jesse is currently operating two projects that he founded, My Creative District and WorldWide Dance Challenge. Both of these projects are focused on providing the opportunity to creatives across the world that he sees could have been a game changer for him in the entertainment industry. 

Jesse spent time as a professional performer where he was signed to MSA. He was a professional dancer that had the opportunity to dance with stars like Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. He also was signed to a record deal through Universal. He toured the country using his passion of dance and music to inspire tens of thousands of youth and young adults. 

Outside of performing, Jesse has been building and developing sales teams in the corporate world for over 15 years. He has also spent ten years traveling the country, expanding into parts of Africa and Europe teaching leadership at schools and non-profit organizations. In the corporate sales world, Jesse developed many sales teams and saw many awards and great team performances due to his leadership. He was best known for helping his team members advance to the next level in their career. Jesse joined the John Maxwell Team in 2017 where they attended their first event in March. Jesse credits the John Maxwell Team for helping him find his unique voice within the market place and how he can serve his clients at the highest level. 


Find Jesse Paul Smith at: 

Twitter:  @@jessepaulsmith 


Facebook Company page: 

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