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Feb 20, 2020

How's Your ePresence?

Hello How’s Your ePresence listeners! It was an honor to conduct this episode with Zack Knight, an Infantry Lieutenant and platoon leader in the United States Army, Georgia National
Guard. He is also the founder of Knight Protection Services, a veteran-owned and operated company that employs a diverse group of former law enforcement officers and military veterans with experience in risk assessment and crime prevention. On this episode, Knight provides entrepreneurial advice on networking and how to effectively start and conduct a podcast- a process that both he and his wife are currently navigating (and rocking!)

There’s also plenty in social media news to discuss! Listen in for discussion on how social media is affecting the upcoming election, the ethical ins-and-outs of paid influencers, as well as your LinkedIn questions, answered.

Question of the Show: How does a business or politician maintain authentic, ethical representation when paying people to endorse them?




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Contact Information:

Zack Knight

Twitter: @knightprollc





Mark Galvin  




Radio Show 3PM - Thursday, 2/20/2019

(Open) Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?” on Business RadioX. This show is produced by ePresence and I am Mark Galvin, the founder and President of that firm. We are coming to you live from the Subaru of Gwinnett studio inside the Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta hotel!

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Last time, we got the following question tweeted into us:

Marlon Rhine, Personal Injury Attorney at The Rhine Law Firm, LLC asked: “Is it wise to place the link to an article in the comments on LinkedIn?  Why?”

Beth Boswell with Boswell RE asked, “Is it worthwhile for real estate professionals to use LinkedIn?”

Today’s guest is

Guest: Zack Knight with Knight Protection Services


Zack Knight

Zack is currently an Infantry Lieutenant and platoon
leader in the United States Army Georgia National
Guard. His time spent in the Army has involved
extensive training in risk assessment and mitigation
techniques that have been proven in the most intense
environments. Prior to joining the Army, Zack spent
seven years serving as a police officer in the Smyrna
community where he grew up. These experiences have
been combined into his company, Knight Protection Services, where he provides his clients with strategic
security design and tactical leadership applications.


WSJ: Bloomberg Pays Staffers To Promote His Campaign On Their Personal Social Media $2,500 a month.

The Journal noted that this is the first instance of a presidential candidate paying supporters to promote them on social media. President Donald Trump's campaign team said that while they have staff dedicated to social media promotion, they don't compensate people for posting on their personal accounts.

Facebook says they wish people would say they work for the Bloomberg campaign but do not have to.

FORBES: On CRM: LinkedIn Takes Another Big Step Towards CRM Integration

Recently, the company announced new enhancements to its Sales Navigator tool which promises to "boost pipeline quality and increase sales and marketing efficiencies." The updated tool's CRM Sync capability will now be able to create new contacts (and check for duplicates) in a CRM system using LinkedIn data as well as flag contacts in a CRM system that haven't been updated within 24 hours after changes were made to them in LinkedIn. It will also alert CRM users when a potential "champion" moves to a new company.

First, if you want the integration, you're going to need either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Next, if you're going to want integration, you're going to have to pay to play. The CRM integration will only work if you have LinkedIn's Sales Navigator which runs about $65 to $135 per month depending on whether you buy it individually or for a team and commit to an annual purchase. Your free LinkedIn account is not going to cut it.

Finally, I doubt there will ever be the “holy grail” of true LinkedIn-CRM integration, where you can search through LinkedIn, identify people with certain characteristics and then suck them into your CRM system for prospecting and lead generation activities.

Zack Interview:

Zack Knight and Mark Galvin

New podcast - Tactical Leadership: Building Better Businesses

Social media - live video and content creation

What business mistake have you made that, through the lesson it taught, still helps you succeed today?

What one thing would you tell a new entrepreneur, employee, manager, or leader is the most important skill in today’s workplace?

Twitter: @knightprollc


LinkedIn: What is your LI URL:



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